Security in the Private Cloud

Shelly Bird, Deployment Solution Architect, Microsoft Public Sector Dispatch from the NIST Security Conference in Baltimore, MD: on September 28th, a panel of experts discussed with the audience “Security in the Private Cloud”. It was a pretty interesting exchange, as the packed audience directly challenged the experts, asking about the dangers of consolidation and what… Read more

Private Cloud Principles

Microsoft’s approach is evolved from its own experience of operating large data centers around the world. In its capacity as a data center operator, Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services (GFS) provides the infrastructure used for Microsoft’s internal Enterprise IT Services and the infrastructure used for external services like Bing™, Azure™, Hotmail™, Xbox Live®, and the Business… Read more

Blog Roadmap

As opposed to starting every article by giving a “how does this post fit into a series, how does the series fit into the blog” explanation, which would bore the both of us, let me provide a very simplistic roadmap here so that you can see where this thing is going and what content may… Read more

Context for Private Cloud

Admittedly I said our next post would be the Principles and Concepts of Private Cloud computing. However, without any context it may be pre-mature. But don’t worry, there will be rapid-fire content for a while. So next up is Principles and Concepts, but first, what is the context in which we are architecting solutions? What… Read more