SkyDrive adds “Recycle Bin” for easier cloud data recovery

A concern many have with the integrity of cloud data is the ability to easily recover deleted files.  Microsoft’s SkyDrive recently added a new feature to make it easier for customers to retrieve deleted files, as reportedon the Inside SkyDrive blog: SkyDrive already keeps previous versions of your Office documents automatically. But students, in particular,…


Harmonizing Cloud Security Requirements to Enable Cloud Adoption

Posted by Posted by: Mark Estberg, Senior Director, Online Services Security and Compliance on the Trustworthy Computing Blog: Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services (GFS) organization delivers the global infrastructure and network for over 200 consumer and enterprise cloud services. The security, privacy and reliability expectations of the customers served by these services must be met in order…


Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Data Center Security

Tim Rains, Director, Trustworthy Computing writes on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Blog: It goes without saying that the physical security of the data centers where cloud services are hosted is a very important aspect of security to all of the customers I talk to.  After all, if an attacker can gain physical access to the…


Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Cloud Computing Privacy at Microsoft, Part 1

Tim Rains, Director, Trustworthy Computing, writes on the Trustworthy Computing blog: Cloud computing is a top of mind issue for many customers, and privacy issues are among some of our customers biggest concerns.  Protecting privacy is part of Microsoft’s long-term commitment to Trustworthy Computing, and we strive to build privacy protections into all of our…


Building Global Trust Online Volume 2: Policymaker Guide to Privacy, Safety, and Security

Today, I’m happy to announce we are releasing Building Global Trust Online Volume 2: Policymaker Guide to Privacy, Safety, and Security at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C. Complimentary copies are available for conference attendees at the Microsoft booth, and a digital version is available online.  The guide…


Trustworthy Computing Next

I’m in San Francisco this week for the annual RSA Security Conference.  This morning I’m heading off to see Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing corporate vice President Scott Charney  share his vision for the next decade in a keynote, “TwC for our Computing–centric Society,” scheduled at 8:50 a.m. PT, Tuesday, Feb. 28. Scott’s keynote will highlight how…


Microsoft Launches Privacy Ads

Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications, Microsoft writes on The Official Microsoft Blog: During the last week or so, there has been a fair amount of discussion about how Google is making some unpopular changes to some of its most popular products. You can see some of the concerns and worries about lack…


Leading Privacy Advocates Release New Tracking Protection Lists for IE9

Ryan Gavin writes on the Microsoft Exploring IE Blog: Privacy is top of mind for many people this week, as we get ready to celebrate Data Privacy Day on January 28. Over the next few days, you will hear quite a bit from Microsoft on this topic since we, as a company, continue to be…


New Cloud Privacy Infographic

We just created a new infographic on cloud computing privacy.  The infographic outlines concerns with privacy in the cloud, then spells out Microsoft’s approach to addressing them – Transparency, Control, andResponsibility.  There’s much more on cloud computing privacy on the cloud computing section of our Privacy Site. 


New White Paper Details Privacy Safeguards of Office 365

 Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft, writes on the Microsoft on the Issues Blog: Privacy is a top priority for many users of cloud computing, so Microsoft today is releasing a white paper that details many of the specific data protection policies, procedures and tools that have been integrated into Office 365, our newest cloud…