The Week in Privacy and Online Safety, December 31, 2012

The Week in Privacy and Online Safety, December 31, 2012
A weekly global roundup of online safety news, policy developments, research, and influence

General Online Privacy
News (U.S.) -  Policy and privacy: Five reasons why 2012 mattered, CNet, Dec. 24, 2012
News (U.S.) -  Online privacy's 2012 setbacks, advances, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 29, 2012 

General Online Safety
News (U.K.) -  ISPs told to encourage filters as Government backs away from default filtering plan, Out Law, Dec. 17, 2012
News (China) -  China cracks down on internet anonymity,Wired, Dec. 28, 2012
News (U.S.) -  New York Bans Another 2,000 Sex Offenders from Online Gaming, Kotaku, Dec. 2012

Advertising & Search
News (U.S.) -  Websites Vary Prices, Deals Based on Users' Information, The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 30, 2012
News (U.S.) -  Conversions API: Google Now Watches What You Buy Offline As Well, IT Tech, Dec. 24, 2012

News (U.S.) - SpongeBob disappears from app store after privacy criticism, CNet, Dec. 18, 2012
News (U.S.) -  Foursquare updates privacy policy to show users’ full names publicly, The Next Web, Dec. 30 2012
News (U.S.) -  Poke for mobile: will Facebook app be used for sexting?, CNet, Dec. 21, 2012

Social Networks
News (Germany) -  German privacy regulator orders Facebook to end its real name policy, IDG News, Dec. 20, 2012
News (Sweden) - Teenagers riot over Instagram sex rumors, Daily Mail, Dec. 18, 2012
News (U.S.) -  Instagram losing users after privacy backlash, report says, CBS News, Dec. 28, 2012
Advocates (U.S.) -  Experimenting with Your Privacy, Facebook Begins Selling Access to Your Inbox, EFF, Dec. 20, 2012

Legislation & Regulation
News (U.S.) -  U.S. House approves changes to Video Privacy Protection Act, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 18, 2012
News (Germany) - Google Maps for iOS default location sharing may violate privacy laws, Ars Technica, Dec. 15, 2012
News (U.S.) -  Children’s Online Privacy Rules: Winners and Losers, The New York Times, Dec. 20, 2012
News (E.U.) -  Europe Weighs New Data Breach Rules For Critical Companies, Information Week, Dec. 18, 2012 

-- Compiled by David Burt, CISSP, CIPP

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