The Week in Privacy and Online Safety, September 24, 2012

The Week in Privacy and Online Safety, September 24, 2012
A weekly global roundup of online safety news, policy developments, research, and influence

General Online Privacy
Research (U.S.) - Reverse Engineering Informational Privacy Law, Michael Birnhack, Yale J. L. & Tech. (2013, Forthcoming)

News (U.S.) – Company bets on airport of the future: passing security with an iris scan, Ars Technica, Sep. 18, 2012

General Online Safety
News (U.K.) - Fury at 'creepshot' site where users post sexual pictures of school girls, Daily Mail, Sep. 23, 2012

News (U.S.) - Facebook and Google Help Launch Online Safety Platform For Teens, Mashable, Sep. 13, 2012

Advertising & Search
Advocates (U.S.) - Do Not Track Update: the Fight for User Privacy Continues, EFF, Sep. 20, 2012

News (U.S.) - ICO reaffirms 'reasonable assurance' over Google's privacy changes, Out-Law, Sep. 17, 2012

News (U.S.) - AT&T Launches Campaign to Stop Texting While Driving, Safe Kids, Sep. 24, 2012

Research (U.S.) - Teens who 'sext' more likely to have sex, study suggests, LA Times, Sep. 17, 2012 (Study in Pediatrics)

Social Networks
News (Australia) - Twitter promises to keep metadata for Australian law enforcement, CNET, Sep. 20, 2012

News (U.S.) - Facebook fights for deceased beauty queen's privacy, CNET, Sep. 21, 2012

News (U.S.) - Facebook’s $9.5 Million ‘Beacon’ Settlement Approved, Wired, Sep. 21, 2012

News (E.U.) - Facebook agrees to delete facial recognition image 'templates' in response to EU, Out-Law, Sep. 21, 2012

Legislation & Regulation
News (U.S.) - How changes to COPPA could chill innovation for everyone, Ars Technica, Sep. 20, 2012

News (U.S.) – Senate delays update to Video Privacy Protection Act at request of law enforcement, CNET, Sep. 20, 2012

News (E.U.) - EDPS Peter Hustinx calls for single definition of 'illegal content' across EU, Out-Law, Sep. 18, 2012 

-- Compiled by David Burt, CISSP, CIPP

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