Do Not Track in the Windows 8 Setup Experience

 Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft writes on the Microsoft on the Issues blog:

With Windows 8’s recent release to manufacturing, we know many people are interested in how customers will discover Do Not Track (DNT) in Internet Explorer 10. DNT will be enabled in the “Express Settings” portion of the Windows 8 set-up experience.  There, customers will also be given a “Customize” option, allowing them to easily switch DNT “off” if they’d like.

Brendon Lynch
Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft

This approach is consistent with Microsoft’s goal of designing and configuring IE features to better protect user privacy, while also affording customers control of those features. It also underscores that the privacy of our customers is a top priority for Microsoft. 
In conjunction with the release of the Release Preview of Windows 8 in late May, we announced that we would be turning “on” a DNT signal as part of the default configuration for IE10.  Since then, we have conducted additional consumer research that confirmed strong support for our “consumer-privacy-first” approach to DNT. We have also discussed our point of view with many interested parties, who want to learn more about how our customers will first experience and control the DNT setting in IE.
In the Windows 8 set-up experience, customers will be asked to choose between two ways of configuring a number of settings: “Express Settings” or “Customize.” By providing a simple experience that allows customers to set their preferences, we’ve sought to balance ease of use with choice and control. The recommended Express Settings are designed to expedite and streamline the overall set-up process, and, if selected, generally improve a customer’s privacy, security, and overall experience on the device.

DNT fits naturally into this process. Customers will receive prominent notice that their selection of Express Settings turns DNT “on.”  In addition, by using the Customize approach, users will be able to independently turn “on” and “off” a number of settings, including the setting for the DNT signal.  A “Learn More” link with detailed information about each recommended setting will help customers decide whether to select Express Settings or Customize. A Privacy Statement link is also available on the screen. Windows 7 customers using IE10 will receive prominent notice that DNT is turned on in their new browser, together with a link providing more information about the setting.

Our approach to DNT in IE10 is part of our commitment to privacy by design and putting people first. We believe consumers should have more control over how data about their online behavior is tracked, shared, and used. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft’s approach to privacy, please visit

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