The Week in Privacy and Online Safety, June 4, 2012

The Week in Privacy and Online Safety, June 4, 2012
A weekly global roundup of online safety news, policy developments, research, and influence

General Online Privacy
Advocates (U.S.) – When the Government Comes Knocking, Who Has Your Back, EFF, May 31, 2012

News (U.S.) – FBI: New IPv6 Internet addresses could hinder police investigations, CNET, May 31, 2012

General Online Safety
News (U.S.) –  Wasting Time Is New Divide in Digital Era, The New York Times, May 29, 2012

Research (South Korea) –  Internet addiction poses a serious challenge to S. Korea, PRESS, June 1, 2012

Opinion (U.S.) –  How to Better Fight Cyberbullying: Finding Fixes for the Internet Protection Act, Verdict, June 1, 2012

Research (Canada) –  Young Canadians in a Wired World, Phase III: Talking to Youth and Parents about Life Online, MediaSmarts, May 29, 2012

Advertising & Search
News (U.S.) –  Microsoft Windows 8 includes default Do Not Track privacy feature, The Washington Post, May 31, 2012

News (U.S.) –  Seven Behavioral Ad Companies Called Out, ADWeek, May 31, 2012

News (U.S.) – Privacy, Please: This Is Only for the Two of Us (New Mobile App Pair), The New York Times, June 1, 2012

News (U.S.) – Can Your Mobile Apps Be Trusted?, Mashable, May 30, 2012

News (U.S.) – Parents get new weapons in war over kids’ phones, IDG May 26, 2012

Social Networks
News (U.S.) –  Netflix To Revise Data Retention Practices, Online Media Daily, May 29, 2012

News (U.S.) – Report: Facebook planning to build access for users younger than 13, The Washington Post, June 4, 2012

News (U.S.) –  Sex offenders battle state courts for Facebook accounts, CNET, May 30, 2012

News (Canada) –  Social media websites ignoring privacy laws, watchdog says, CBC News, May 29, 2012

Legislation & Regulation
News (U.K.) –  U.K. Cookie Tracking Law Goes Into Effect, PC Magazine, May 29, 2012

News (U.S.) –  FTC chair Leibowitz: Apps need simpler privacy statements, CNET, May 31, 2012

News (E.U.) –  Five EU Countries Taken to Court for Failing to Implement Cookie Law, CIO, May 31, 2012

News (U.S.) –  Internet dating safety bill in Illinois passes Legislature, goes to governor, St. Louis Today, May 29, 2012

— Compiled by David Burt, CISSP, CIPP

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