It goes without saying that the physical security of the data centers where cloud services are hosted is a very important aspect of security to all of the customers I talk to.  After all, if an attacker can gain physical access to the hardware hosting a service and storing sensitive data, that attacker has a range of malicious options available to them including attempting to steal or damage services and data.  For cloud service providers, physical security is just as important as data security.

Mark Estberg is a senior director in Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services and works in the group responsible for managing the security of Microsoft’s data centers.  I asked Mark about the physical security of the data centers hosting Microsoft’s cloud services and he told me that in the data centers at Microsoft “we provide increasing levels of physical security from the outside perimeter in closer to the assets.”  Mark provided some very interesting details on data center security in this episode of Trustworthy Computing’s Cloud Fundamentals video series.  If you are interested in learning more about how Microsoft manages the physical security of its data centers, this short video will be helpful.

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