Interview with Microsoft CPO Brendon Lynch

From the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Blog:

Today we want to introduce you to Brendon Lynch, Microsoft’s Chief Privacy Officer. In this 30-second profile series, we give an inside look at our team by informally interviewing members of Trustworthy Computing about what they do both in and out of work. We have now profiled Adrienne Hall and Steve Lipner.

- What do you do in TwC and how long have you been doing it?

I am the company’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO). I joined the privacy team in TwC eight years ago and became the CPO in 2010. In this role I am responsible for privacy policy creation and implementation across the company, engaging with external stakeholders and influencing the creation of privacy and data protection technologies for customers.

- What’s the first thing you do every day at work?

Catch up on emails from my European colleagues and contacts. There is a lot of interest and activity in the privacy and data protection field in Europe right now so that flow of email seems to be growing.

- What’s the biggest privacy challenge facing the industry?

The biggest challenge facing the industry is enabling society to reap the benefits of all the great innovations coming our way from technology and data analysis, but doing this in a way that does not dilute people’s privacy rights and protections.

- What’s the biggest contribution you or your team has delivered in the last 10 years?

Designing and implementing a comprehensive privacy program at Microsoft that embeds people, process and technology throughout the company so that ‘privacy by design’ thinking occurs at the outset of all new products and services.

- What do you do to unwind?

There’s nothing like family time, especially with two young children in the house, to take my mind away from work.

- Favorite band?

I am one of these people that find a new favorite band on a regular basis, then plays them until it wears thin and then latches on to a new band. Today it’s “The Black Keys.” Any suggestions for tomorrow?

- Your work in privacy – was that by accident or design?

A bit of both really. I always had an interest in the intersection of technology and society and when I worked in a global consulting firm in 1999 I became aware of growing interest in information privacy. The more I learned, the more interested I became. Soon after, I took an opportunity to move to New York and specialize in the field.

- There’s a twang to your accent. Where are you from originally?

I am a New Zealander, and spent the first 24 years of my life living in that wonderful country. I have since lived in the United Kingdom and the United States and I think my accent may have taken some influences from both of those countries too.

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