Continuing the Interactive Timeline series outlining some of the seminal events that have occurred over the last decade, this post looks at more of the key events that shaped the early Millennium, helping to create the perfect storm. 

Rise of Malicious Software

Rise of Malicious SoftwareIn 1991, about 1,000 computer viruses existed worldwide. Malicious software became known to many computer users through the widespread infections caused by the email-based Melissa (1999) and ILOVEYOU (2000) viruses. By 2001, there were approximately 60,000 computer viruses known to exist. Code Red and Nimda were two of the better known pieces of malware at that time.

Increasing Privacy Concerns

Increasing Privacy ConcernsWith ever-increasing use of the Internet and the proliferation of online services, the challenge of protecting privacy has become more critical. The rise of company privacy policies and practices helped define how customer information will be maintained, shared and stored.

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