Microsoft Data Privacy Day Event in San Francisco Tomorrow

Tomorrow Microsoft will mark the annual observance of Data Privacy Day, (also known as Data Protection Day) by participating in a panel in San Francisco with the Churchill Club.  The panel will feature Jules Cohen, Director of Online Privacy, Microsoft.  See details of the event at the Churchill Club website

Tuesday, January 24, 2012         

   The Collection of Online Consumer Data: The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown  

Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer & General Manager, Data Systems, Intelius

Nick Bicanic, CEO and Founder, echoecho

Jules Cohen, Director of Online Privacy, Microsoft

Nicole Ozer, Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director, ACLU of Northern California

Paul Schwartz, Faculty Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, UC Berkeley  


Jules Polonetsky, Co-chair and Director, Future of Privacy Forum     

There is a growing tension between economic opportunities to mine the ever-increasing amounts of data available online vs. consumer and regulator desire for strong privacy protections. This
distinguished roundtable will explore the ins and outs of this complex topic, including:

-how people are shaping not only their own online personas, but also the personas of friends, relatives and even total strangers

-sophisticated technologies that companies and governments are using to get to know people online

-options for individuals who want to control what is collected about them and how it is used

-the potential for industry to leverage the growing wealth of available data, while striking the right balance between innovation and regulation

A wide range of perspectives will be represented on the panel, with senior thought leaders from ACLU of Northern California, Echoecho Media, Future of Privacy Forum, Microsoft, UC Berkeley. This program is presented in observation of Data Privacy Day, which was created to build awareness about privacy issues and help people navigate them.

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