How to Recover your Hotmail account

Chris Stetkiewicz writes on the Security Tips & Talk Blog:

We recently received this email:

“My Hotmail account was hacked and taken over by the classic ‘I'm in London and I’ve been mugged’ scam. It appears that the hacker has changed the basic verification information on the account and every attempt to reset the password throws me into an endless loop.

How to get my account back?”

It sounds like the author of this email has already tried to reset the password on the account manually. If you’re locked out of your account, the first thing you should always do is attempt to reset your password. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • On the Windows Live Hotmail website sign-in page, click Forgot your password?
  • Go to the reset your password link.

First, enter your Windows ID. Then, in the Windows Live ID text box, enter the characters you see in the picture, to prove that you’re not a machine.

Next, you’ll see a screen that offers you options to recover your password using an alternate email address or a mobile phone. If you haven’t associated your account with these alternatives, choose customer support.

Comments (5)

  1. Ed says:

    I would suggest that whenever a password is reset like this, all current connections should be logged off or disconnected automatically (recall for eample, if you are logged into 2 Windows computers, if you change the password in one, the other one still uses the old passworduntil logged off).

    Why do I mention this? I know someone who Hotmail account was hacked. Even changing the password to something that makes no sense (think randomly choosing 20 characters), spam mail was still being sent from the account but from a client (WLM for example) as there was no evidence of the spam sent in the Sent items folder in  hotmail. If the hacker stays logged in with WLM, the hacker can continue to send out spam.

  2. I have followed the steps , unfortunately, still not recovered E-mail

    what can i do ?!!!!

  3. Carmeneliza says:

    por favor, quiero recuperar mi cuenta  he tratado de hacerlo muchas veces pero no la recupero.  

  4. tugba says:

    ben bir türlü kurtaramıyorum kapatılsın msn nem

  5. marinela says:

    estou bloqueada ñ sei mais oque fazer acho que fui rackeada  nao lembro minha pergunta secreta e o email é de trabalho me ajude porfavor  estou esperando resposta obrigada

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