Video: Cloud Trust at 10,000 Feet

Richard Saunders, Director, Trustworthy Computing for Microsoft, writes on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Blog:

Microsoft’s chief security strategist shares the basics of keeping data safe in the cloud

For anyone who wants a primer on the security, privacy and reliability issues involved in the move to cloud computing, this video featuring Doug Cavit, principal security program manager and chief security strategist at Microsoft, is worth a watch.

Beginning with the fundamental question “How do I know my data is safe in the cloud?,” Doug walks through the complexities of online identity, authentication, authorization and access. He gives great insight into what any business should look for in a cloud provider — Do they have great security practices? Privacy practices? Are they reliable? Are their business practices fair and transparent?— and delves into how building the best possible processes with complete transparency is core to Microsoft’s cloud strategy, and to building trust among consumers and businesses for the cloud as a whole.

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    voceis vao ter que liberar todos os saites que eu vejo

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