Microsoft on Digital Citizenship

Today Microsoft released a new whitepaper that I authored for the company titled “Fostering Digital Citizenship,” along with a new Microsoft study about posting personal information online, and an Online Reputation Guide for teens.   Fostering Digital Citizenship, discusses the company’s approach to the concept.  

So what is digital citizenship? It is often defined as “the norms of behavior with regard to technology use.” But digital citizenship is about more than social norms - it is about preparing young people for living and learning in an online world. Digital citizenship helps young people develop a sense of ownership and personal responsibility that, in turn, will help them make appropriate, ethical decisions in the online world.

Digital citizenship is a concept that I also have embraced for my own family. For years, I’ve used parental controls for my own children’s Internet access.  However, this year when my oldest daughter turned 13, I realized that while instruction in “digital dos and don’ts” and parental controls are a good thing, they will only take her so far.  My daughter will be an adult in less than five years, and she will have to make her own choices in an online world without filters, time limits, and a POS (Parent Over Shoulder). 

So I encourage you to read “Fostering Digital Citizenship,” and share your thoughts.

-- David Burt

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