Initiating “Conversations on Privacy”

Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft, writes on the Microsoft on the Issues blog:

As we engage with people around the world, it is clear that privacy issues are top of mind for consumers, businesses, governments and policymakers. It seems like every day there is a new story highlighting concerns related to the collection, use and protection of personal data. Legislators and regulators are carefully monitoring the landscape, and actively exploring ways to protect consumers’ privacy. Meanwhile, consumers are getting more engaged, and asking important questions about how data is protected.

To advance this discussion, Microsoft is launching a series of privacy conversations at our Innovation & Policy Center in Washington, D.C. Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to privacy, and works hard to earn the trust of customers around the world by, in part, developing and adopting meaningful privacy practices. We believe companies have an important role to play in privacy discussions and at each event we will convene a diverse mix of stakeholders to explore some of the most pressing issues related to data privacy.

The first conversation, happening this week, will focus on the need for companies to implement comprehensive privacy programs that help ensure data is collected and used responsibly, and which demonstrate accountability by building information safeguards into new products and services.

I am pleased to be joined by an impressive group of privacy experts who will help us examine the issue from a variety of perspectives: Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill; Leslie Harris, president of the Center for Democracy and Technology; Professor Peter Swire of Ohio State University and the Center for American Progress; and Barb Lawler, the chief privacy officer of Intuit, who will join me in detailing some of the specific ways that each of our companies work to safeguard our customers’ data.

I anticipate a lively and informative discussion on Friday and look forward to continuing the conversation in future installments of our privacy series.

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  1. Allen says:

    It will never happen in a million years… one quick decision by the president, by congress to say, acts of terrorism, or anything related to it…  all it takes is one case and the whole system is now compromised…

    Also with major companies being easily hacked(sony, apple and others) what guarantees will be in place to protect this? Also, MS is going to start charging money for keeping data on your servers… and it seems we don't have any choice what is going to be the solution if I don't want to keep my stuff on your server?  

    While the cloud issue is a nice Idea, it really has some concerns.,.,once implemented, its really hard to stop it.

    I've recently went through a invasion of privacy matter with your own group, (App-Hub/Geotrust) where  they went beyond the scope of what they should have asked for… they ended up asking me for my passport after I gave my student ID, my visa and then my Passport data page.. then after all that, they denied me a developer key, why so much for so little, (if you want to review the case, which I am totally angry at this group at as I am still waiting for the key, but because of crappy tech support, well i am in the crack(7577186 (#8083-234931834-7281) and a 2nd one as they told me to open another case( SRX1157379843ID – ID Validation – Dev key (MSFT App. Hub Order #: 7577186 (#8083-234931834-7281))/WP – Marketplace Dev Support)..,. So , you an see how the system works… take then ask questions later when its too late.  So while I had a lot of trust and support to your company for several years, (one of the first people to open an Hotmail account), it has been shot to heck in the past 3 months and while i lost all my valuable data off my WP7 phone because you don't have any backup or sms backup in place…. and now you are asking us to move everything to maybe not asking, maybe forcing)…  Restore confidence to the people and the people will support you.,., but put a knife in their back and see how long they will stand around and wait for it to happen again!!


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