Privacy protections for the new Bing Social Search integration with Facebook

Yesterday on the Bing Community Blog, Microsoft announced a new integration with Facebook and Bing in a post titled, Facebook Friends Now Fueling Faster Decisions on Bing.  A video segment of the blog post features an interview with Sree Kamidreddy, privacy lead for Bing, where Shree demonstrates how Bing customers can control their privacy settings with Bing Social Search:

A detailed description of privacy controls for the Facebook integration can be found on the Bing support pages at Questions addressed on the Bing support site include:  

Who can see information about me?
On Bing, only your friends will see what you have liked and shared. Your public Facebook profile information will only appear to people based on your Search for you on Facebook setting on Facebook. For example, if set to Friends of Friends, then only your Facebook friends and friends of friends would be able to find you in Facebook profile search on Bing. If your Search for you on Facebook setting is set to Everyone, your profile information will show up in Bing. We'll show only information that is visible to everyone on Facebook and only to Facebook users. 

What information is shared between the two companies?
To provide you with these social search results, we maintain a cache of public likes and shares from Facebook. We also use your list of friends to find their likes and shares. Your Facebook likes and shares will show up to friends on Bing only if they are set in Facebook to be visible to everyone. Similarly, you'll see your friends' likes and shares on Bing only for the friends that have set them to be visible to everyone.Bing encrypts any information that it receives from Facebook that could be linked to an individual. We use this information only to operate and improve the service. It isn’t shared with anyone other than as described here, nor used for any other purposes, such as advertising.

 -- David Burt, CIPP, CISSP

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