Microsoft Responds to FTC Online Privacy Report

Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft responds to the release of today's privacy report from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission on the Microsoft on the Issues Blog:

The Federal Trade Commission today released a major report on consumer privacy online.  You can read the report here.


Microsoft has long recognized the critical importance of privacy to our customers. Our internal tools and processes help ensure that privacy is incorporated into Microsoft products and services.  


Internet Explorer 8 has some of the most robust privacy features on the market, including being the first to introduce InPrivate Browsing, rich integrated cookie controls, and still being the only browser to offer consumers InPrivate Filtering.  Internet Explorer 9 will continue this focus and leadership on enabling our customers’ choice and control with respect to their online privacy.


We appreciate the Federal Trade Commission’s efforts to advance consumer privacy protections and welcome the opportunity to review the FTC’s Privacy Report. We were pleased to participate in the series of roundtables that formed the basis for the report, and support the FTC’s continued work to engage all interested stakeholders on these important issues.


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  1. rhonda a pickett says:

    sameone is useing my name i think it is my mailman ray r bozeman and his sons that go bye jaock bozeman also his sister dibbie bozeman from a dr. office also the gov postoffice were that mail works will you look in to this they have been useing my name since may 2006 my home phone is 8126024884 thank you

  2. ibad says:

    i forgot my windows administrator password how can i get it

    thank you

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