Microsoft Supports Moving Forward on Privacy

Frank Torres, Director of Consumer Affairs, Microsoft, writes on the Microsoft on the Issues Blog:

Microsoft has long encouraged Congress to pass a robust law to protect consumers’ privacy. In a letter sent to Capitol Hill this week, Microsoft and other companies express support for a bill, HR 5777, proposed by Congressman Bobby Rush, which hits the mark, improving on earlier proposals.  HR 5777, the BEST PRACTICES Act, would require consumers be told in clear and simple terms about what information from them is being collected, how it is being used, and who gets to see it.  The bill also provides that consumers be given choices about the collection and use of their data and understandable and easy to use control options. The Rush Bill is a balanced approach that protects consumer privacy while allowing for continued innovation so companies can give consumers the online services and products they want.  That is why companies like Microsoft, eBay and Intel are supporting the approach taken by Congressman Rush.  While Microsoft and other companies already take measures to protect consumer privacy, from internal practices that govern how data is handled to providing consumers with privacy tools, HR 5777 improves consumer and business confidence in today’s technology driven environment. As Congress considers privacy legislation in the coming sessions, HR 5777 serves as a productive privacy model.

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