Microsoft Releases "Own Your Space" – a Free Online Safety Book for Teens and Tweens

Do you know a teen who is on the Internet?  Microsoft just released a free ebook for teens on Internet safety. Created in partnership with security expert and author, Linda McCarthy, "Own Your Space - Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online" is written for computer and Internet savvy "tweens" and teens.

 A number of blogs have picked up on the book, with largely positive reviews: 

“It's difficult to write books for teenagers that don't fall into the "trying too hard to be cool" trap, but Microsoft has done an admirable job.”
-- Life Hacker

 “Does a surprisingly good job of educating without patronizing.”
-- bit-tech

 “It's exactly the kind of thing I've been wishing I could pass out to customers for a decade.”
-- Download Squad

To download the entire book or chapter by chapter go to Own Your Space--Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online" Digital Book for Teens.

--  David Burt, CISSP, CIPP


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