Achieving Better Data Governance by Leveraging Microsoft Operations Framework in a COBIT/Val IT Environment

Recently,  Microsoft and ISACA announced a license agreement enabling the company to use content from COBIT and Val IT, ISACA’s internationally accepted frameworks for achieving governance over and value from IT. Organizations can use the wealth of knowledge and tools developed for Microsoft Operations Framework to more effectively align their IT efforts with their business objectives.  Specifically, organizations can leverage MOF 4.0–based tools and guidance documents to achieve the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) objectives defined within the COBIT 4.1 and Val IT 2.0 frameworks. For information, download "MOF to COBIT/Val IT Comparison and Cross-Implementation Guide: How to Leverage MOF in a COBIT/Val IT Environment."


Growing public concerns about abuses of consumers‘ personal information threatens to curtail the growth of online commerce and services. Data Governance directly addresses these concerns. Data Governance can reduce an organization’s IT costs and improve its control over its information, which increases data security and privacy and improves responses to changing compliance requirements. Conversely, poor Data Governance raises the risks of data breaches, including identity theft and fraud, which can erode trust in an organization, trigger financial or legal penalties, or reduce confidence among employees, customers, and investors.  See more at

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