More on End to End Trust at RSA Today

More on End to End Trust today at RSA the RSA Conference in San Francisco Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft, delivered his keynote speech, "End to End Trust': A Collaborative Effort."  The Microsoft  End to End Trust website  is jumping with activity this week, with several new blog posts from Microsoft thought leaders on End to End Trust:

End to End Trust and Community-Based Defense
Monday April 20, 2009
George Stathakopoulos
Having had one of the worst winters in my Seattle history, it's really nice to be here in San Francisco surrounded by sunny skies and roughly 15,000 security professionals. Yes, it's RSA time again. And this year, there's a lot on the more

End to End Trust and the Security Development Lifecycle
Wednesday April 18, 2009
Steve Lipner
End to End Trust is a far-reaching vision for realizing a safer, more trusted Internet. End to End Trust requires:
Continued investment in security and privacy fundamentals, A trusted stack that allows hardware, more

Forefront Team Blog : End to End Trust and Business Ready Security
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Post by Doug Leland, general manager of the Identity and Security Business Group

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