Two MIX Presentations on How Live Services Protect Identity

 From the Live blog:

Identity & Safety : Microsoft are in a unique position to be running one of the largest services in the world, with over 500 million people signing in every month.

  • Jorgen Thelin gave an overview of the different aspects of the Live Identity Service and how we are making it available for web developers, companies which sell solutions and also organizations which want to adopt cloud services.

  •  John Scarrow talks about the things you need to think about when running a massive high scale service in terms of people abusing your service.


Thumbnail for Protecting Online Identities

Protecting Online Identities

Learn how Microsoft provides a range of identity solutions for helping developers more easily build seamless user experiences that include Federation, Authentication, UX Customization, Open Standards, Open ID and more.

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Protecting Against Internet Service Abuse

Come hear how Microsoft protects content and identities as servers and users become more distributed worldwide.

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