Microsoft releases new Privacy Education Toolkit

 Last week at the International Association of Privacy Professionals summit in Washington, D.C. we released our Consumer Privacy Education Toolkit.  Intended for public policy professionals, this toolkit contains a complete guide for how to conduct a local or national privacy and Internet safety education program. It includes guidelines for organizing events for constituents, as well as customizable materials to share through newsletters, Web sites, events, and other channels.

Download the entire toolkit or the individual components below.

Download the privacy education toolkit.


Event planning guide

This guide provides background information on the latest privacy trends and issues, along with Microsoft’s suggested tips and guidance.
Best practices for organizing consumer events and how to work with partner organizations are also included.

Download the guide.

Town Hall presentation

This presentation provides content that you can incorporate into your community event. It includes suggested remarks as well as examples in the notes section.
You can also edit the presentation to include specific topics of interest and to fit the available time.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.

Privacy and online safety video

This video features findings from focus group research conducted by Microsoft about privacy and online safety issues of concern to consumers.
Consider showing the video at the start of your event to encourage discussion.
Also, review the discussion guide that outlines the key themes from the video.

Download the video.

Download the video discussion guide.

Promotional and media materials

These promotional materials are designed to help raise awareness of your efforts in the community and the media.

Download the event poster template.

Download the media advisory template.

Educational materials

Download these PDF files for basic information on how to protect your computer, your personal information, and how to find and use Parental Controls software designed to improve child safety.




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