Next Week’s International Association of Privacy Professionals Summit

Next Week's International Association of Privacy Professionals Summit

By Trevor Hughes, executive director, International Association of Privacy Professionals

The enormous international focus on privacy is growing more urgent in the face of business and government pressure to get the economy moving again and restore trust in our most basic institutions. To help rebuild trust and bolster bottom lines in a down market, it pays to prioritize privacy.  The time is right to make smart investments in an organization's privacy professionals-the experts in the eye of the storm that must work collectively to find the right solutions to privacy challenges.    

Microsoft is a platinum-level corporate member of the IAPP, which now boasts 6,000 members across 47 countries, is convening its annual Privacy Summit in Washington DC from March 11-13, 2009-the largest and most global privacy event in the world.  Attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact with privacy regulators from Canada, France, Spain, Israel, the UK, Italy, the U.S. and the experts who help shape their policies across 60 different educational and networking sessions.  Keynote speakers include Frank Abagnale (of Catch Me if You Can fame), one of the world's most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement and secure documents as well as internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier.  On Thursday, March 12, Stu Ingis of Venable LLP will host an informal lunchtime discussion with key Congressional staffers on emerging privacy issues in the 111th Congress.

Microsoft is a platinum-level sponsor of the Privacy Summit, and will participate in a number of summit programs, including:

  • Peter Cullen, CIPP, GM TwC Chief Privacy Strategist, Microsoft, "Innovative Approaches to Privacy Legislation: Applying a Use-Based Approach," and "It's Time for a New Privacy Framework in the U.S. and Globally"

  • Amanda Coffield, CIPP, Privacy Compliance Manager, Microsoft, "Red Flag Alert: The Broad Scope of and the Current State of Compliance With the ID Theft Rules"

  • Robert J. Gratchner, CIPP, Director, Privacy, Microsoft, "Back to the Future: Old Laws and New Technology"

  • Izabelle Gorczynski, Privacy Attorney, Microsoft, "Survival Guide to E-mail Marketing Database and Delivery System Reviews"

  • Sue Glueck, CIPP, Senior Privacy Attorney, Microsoft, "Professional Development Murder Board"

It's this sort of event that advances our profession and helps privacy professionals work together to reclaim trust.  Registration is open and we look forward to seeing you in DC.

-- Trevor Hughes, executive director, International Association of Privacy Professionals

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