Ensuring Privacy and Safety on Windows Live

The Windows Live team blogs about the latest privacy and safety features:

Hi, I’m Jamie Cannon, a Product Manager on the Windows Live team. Part of my job is to help keep our customers safer & more secure from threats on the Internet. I want to share a quick update on why this is important and what we’re doing in this area.

Something remarkable happened this past December. The Internet quietly
passed the 1 billion monthly user mark. This means that one billion people from around the globe are now regularly connecting to a growing online community. Sending e-mail, downloading music, instant messaging, and sharing photos is more common than ever. This is a watershed moment.

This type of growth is exciting for everyone. It creates opportunities and builds bridges across geographies and languages. At the same time, these new opportunities provide those with malicious intent new ways to take advantage of Internet users. There are viruses and malware programs, phishing scams, spam, and increasingly unsolicited IM or SPIM.

At Windows Live, we aspire to arm you with the same level of privacy, safety, and security that you expect when you’re not on the web. Our goal is to ensure that your experience on the Internet, and on Windows Live, is safe and secure and that your privacy is protected.

Windows Live aims to protect you in these ways:

  • Blocking instant messaging spam and inappropriate communications in Windows Live Messenger and providing a means for you to report abuse.
  • Filtering incoming e-mail messages in Windows Live Hotmail for spam/junk.
  • Scanning attachments you receive, download, and send in Hotmail.
  • Scanning comments on Windows Live Spaces for spam.
  • Monitoring shared photos for abuse and inappropriate imagery.
  • Providing abuse@live.com for issues you want to report directly to our Direct Mail Abuse team.

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