Windows 7 Training Makes Cents

We all know the arrival of Windows 8 is on the horizon and there’s some big hoopla coming with it.  And rightfully so–with the promise of a cool new user interface (especially optimised for touch screens), native USB 3.0 support and great new tools for developers to create a  new generation of apps among just…


Stay Out of the Dark...With Microsoft Desktop Player

In our earliest of times, our Celtic forefathers made use of transparent crystal stones and balls to intercept visions of the past, present and future.  Today in 2011, you can use your very own Microsoft crystal ball to get the latest and greatest information on virtually any Microsoft technology your heart desires. Officially named the…


Feeling Neglected? Let the Microsoft Security Scanner Get You Back on Track!

Do you ever feel like this? At work, your IT systems are state of the art. Your company makes it a budget priority to have the best computing tools available to stay ahead of the competition, and you appreciate working for a company that lives in the future, and not the past. What’s more, the…


Fix It Center Pro -- your own EASY button

This message is for YOU.  Yes YOU.  We know who YOU are.  Your team is overworked and understaffed, and sometimes it feels like it would be a miracle to know which end is up.  Trying to prioritise attention to issues with the numerous IT projects on your plate is much like having to choose between dealing…


Medieval 2011?

[View:] Do your IT operations need updating? Your Premier Support Ireland team can help you and your organisation achieve first class operations in your IT environment by implementing Microsoft best practices that cover people, process and tools aspects to optimize the environment and prevent issues from occurring. We offer a wide range of Prevent and…


What is Premier Support all about?

You already know how valuable an asset your Premier Support contract is to your organisation, but can you articulate this value to other key stakeholders?  Thanks to our friends across the Irish Sea for putting together this handy little video, which helps put it all into perspective: Go To Microsoft Showcase


Windows: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Premier Support Ireland offers a special treat for all of our Windows fans who have 10 minutes to spare in their work day….The following video provides a nice little trip down memory lane for those of us who’ve been around to see the evolution of the OS.  Take a moment to sit back and enjoy:…


Is Your Organization Suffering from Learned Helplessness?

We see it every day. IT organizations tasked with having to deliver more with less. A person leaves, their position isn’t filled. The workload spreads, the pain increases and BANG! Systems go down, the shouting starts. But ask yourself something: does it have to be like this? Is the feeling of learned helplessness crushing your…


Advisory Call to the Rescue!

Colin works with the business development agency for his city’s local government, and looks after process improvement for the organisation’s IT department.  He recently oversaw the deployment of System Center Configuration Manager 2007 in their environment, and he’s under a tremendous amount of pressure to make sure this newly upgraded platform is delivered without a hitch. …