Microsoft Embraces the Consumerisation of IT!!

A series of technology trends is leading to rapid progress and change in the technology we use at home, which in turn is influencing how we expect to use technology for work and driving the consumerisation of IT. As these technology trends converge with social and business trends, the role that technology plays throughout our…


Stay Out of the Dark...With Microsoft Desktop Player

In our earliest of times, our Celtic forefathers made use of transparent crystal stones and balls to intercept visions of the past, present and future.  Today in 2011, you can use your very own Microsoft crystal ball to get the latest and greatest information on virtually any Microsoft technology your heart desires. Officially named the…


Feeling Neglected? Let the Microsoft Security Scanner Get You Back on Track!

Do you ever feel like this? At work, your IT systems are state of the art. Your company makes it a budget priority to have the best computing tools available to stay ahead of the competition, and you appreciate working for a company that lives in the future, and not the past. What’s more, the…


Fix It Center Pro -- your own EASY button

This message is for YOU.  Yes YOU.  We know who YOU are.  Your team is overworked and understaffed, and sometimes it feels like it would be a miracle to know which end is up.  Trying to prioritise attention to issues with the numerous IT projects on your plate is much like having to choose between dealing…


Medieval 2011?

[View:] Do your IT operations need updating? Your Premier Support Ireland team can help you and your organisation achieve first class operations in your IT environment by implementing Microsoft best practices that cover people, process and tools aspects to optimize the environment and prevent issues from occurring. We offer a wide range of Prevent and…


Unleash the Power of Unified Communications!

Find and communicate with the right person—anytime, anywhere, on any device with a single user interface for IM, email, presence, voice, video, and application sharing Protect your IT ecosystem with the spam and virus-fighting capabilities of Exchange Simplify management and scalability while maximizing IT resources and extending investments Increase IT control and visibility to meet…


Change is Good! … with ACT and the Update Compatibility Evaluator

Your mother always taught you that procrastination was the root of all evil.  Better to tackle those sometimes annoying, pesky challenges head on as they come, rather than waiting for them to mount.  Like a bag of popcorn that has been left a little too long in the microwave, tasks left unattended often times explode…


What is Premier Support all about?

You already know how valuable an asset your Premier Support contract is to your organisation, but can you articulate this value to other key stakeholders?  Thanks to our friends across the Irish Sea for putting together this handy little video, which helps put it all into perspective: Go To Microsoft Showcase


Kick Off 2011 with Best Practice Analysers

      Let Premier Support Ireland help you welcome in the new year with problem free enterprise platforms!  Best Practice Analysers are free tools available for most Microsoft Enterprise products and they are used to determine the overall health of your platform. The tools perform read only scans against your environment’s servers and identify items that do…


Time to Kinect

Last minute holiday shopping got you stressed?  Have you taken a look at the most sought-after toy from Microsoft?  Kinect for Xbox brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. [View:] No wonder…