AD Disaster Recovery: Can We Afford to Wait?

If your home is within close proximity to an earthquake fault line, chances are you have accepted that you will experience an earthquake in your lifetime and have most likely purchased insurance to protect your home and belongings. 


And during these current times of recession, most of us have come to understand how important it is to have some cash reserves in the bank just in case jobs go away and revenue streams dry up.  Whatever the scenario, we all know it's always good to have a back up plan, a "Plan B" just in case. 

Are you taking the same approach to the management of your Active Directory?  In the world of AD, that earthquake or recession takes life in the form of an Active Directory catastrophic failure. 

Close your eyes and imagine the havoc that would ensue if all of the sudden domain controllers could no longer perform directory lookups due to corrupted databases?  How many calls would your service desk start receiving if users cannot log on to their machines?

"AD's central problem today has much to do with its longevity, and the fact that it rarely goes down. In fact, when it does go down, it takes every single part of your computing environment with it. " (Redmond Mag)

Do you have the insurance policy, er Disaster Recovery plans in place which would help you get services quickly restored in the rare, but disastrous occurrence of an AD failure??

No AD DR plans?  First, read this great article to get the ball rolling. 

Then, sign up or request info for our upcoming AD Disaster Recovery and Back Up workshop scheduled for June 25 - 28 in our Dublin Offices.  The course covers how to avoid failures in the first place, but also a wide variety of disaster scenarios that can occur and how to make plans for recovery.

If your home near the earthquake fault line were severely damaged and contents ruined, what would you do if you had no insurance policy to quickly start over?  How long would it take you to restore the lifestyle you and your family had before the disaster?  Now think about this in the context of the AD estate you manage at your organisation.  Can they afford to wait while you rebuild AD from scratch?



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