Protect your Enterprise from Poorly Configured AV Software

If you’re in the IT management world, you already know that proper configuration of Anti Virus software is critical for the security of your enterprise. Just like you wouldn’t dare run and do a cannonball jump into the waters of the River Liffey without a full body bio-hazard suit and face-mask, you wouldn’t dare manage your IT estate without some form of trusted Anti-Virus software working to protect it.  



But, did you realise that Anti-Virus software that is not configured appropriately can also harm those applications it is working to protect?  Poorly configured Anti-Virus software can grind your applications to a halt, or worse it could cause corruption to critical databases. That said, however, it can be difficult to find a single source of recommendations on how to best configure the various applications and products that your organisation uses. 

Let your friends at Premier Support Ireland help you make this daunting task a bit easier…follow this link and check out the guidelines and recommendations on how to configure your AV software with a range of Microsoft products. Better still, subscribe to the list using your favourite RSS reader and you will receive alerts as the list changes. 

A word of caution: These recommendations are just that…recommendations. We advise reviewing these articles with your security experts before making any changes.  Also, please follow change management best practices if you decide to make changes to production platforms. If you need any assistance please contact your Service Delivery Manager (aka TAM). We’ll be more than happy to assist you adopting the right exclusion model for your enterprise.

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