Stay Out of the Dark…With Microsoft Desktop Player

In our earliest of times, our Celtic forefathers made use of transparent crystal stones and balls to intercept visions of the past, present and future.  Today in 2011, you can use your very own Microsoft crystal ball to get the latest and greatest information on virtually any Microsoft technology your heart desires.

Officially named the Microsoft Desktop Player (Beta), this tool allows you to enter a search query on the product or technology you wish to explore and the result is a plethora of available resources, broken down by category such as webcast, podcast, whitepaper and links.  No longer are you confined to a life in the dark--you can be the one who is ahead of the game with the latest developments and trends.


Desktop player installer is available for download to your pc or you can access it directly from your browser**HOT TIP:  Be the coolest blogger in town by imbedding the player on your own site for others to use!  Check out ours here on our Premier Support blog—from the home page, down the left hand side column (look for the crystal ball!)

Anxious to give it a go?  Well, wait no longer.  Your crystal ball of information is here, at your disposal.


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