Fix It Center Pro — your own EASY button

This message is for YOU.  Yes YOU.  We know who YOU are. 

Your team is overworked and understaffed, and sometimes it feels like it would be a miracle to know which end is up.  Trying to prioritise attention to issues with the numerous IT projects on your plate is much like having to choose between dealing with that nagging migraine you’ve been suffering from for several months or that rusty nail you just stepped on.

You know you need some extra fire-fighters to help put out some of the bigger flames around you right now, but the thought of slowing down and taking time to call in for help sounds…impossible.

We have the answer.  We have what YOU need:

Your very own EASY button!


“Fix it Center Pro Beta ushers in a new level of support for Enterprise customers. It is a standalone web application that helps IT Professionals research and find support-related content more effectively so that they can quickly diagnose and resolve break-fix issues. Fix it Center Pro Beta provides flexible yet seamless end-to-end support experiences—from self-help troubleshooting to assisted support with Microsoft—that help save customers time and money”


It’s as easy as logging into the Microsoft Premier Online Portal with your normal credentials, and clicking the Fix It Center Pro button link! 


Watch this cool video to learn more!

For IT pros using the Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) website, Fix it Center Pro Beta provides options for identifying and resolving issues. You can:

  • Resolve issues on their own by manually browsing content using Bing-scoped searches and finding key solution assets recommended by support engineers through Support Entity Association Management (SEAM) web services;
  • Direct Fix it Center Pro to automatically analyze the data collected from the computer via Unified Diagnostic Ecosystem (UDE), report back the analysis results, and provide recommended solutions for any problem found;
  • Submit a support request directly from a self-help diagnostic, which is automatically passed to a support professional.
  • ?

So now YOU have what you were looking for all along.  EASY.



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  1. Hi Thorkell-I just tried the video link again and it seems to be working on my end.  If you want to see the video, send your email details to and I will try get you another link that works.  Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Thorkell says:


    The Video link "Watch this cool video to learn more" is not working.

    Message that  comes up says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

    Best regards,


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