Are you taking care of your Active Directory like it takes care of you?

You know that Active Directory is the critical link to managing the identities and relationships which make up your organisation’s IT network.  You know that Active Directory gives you the power to centrally configure and administer system, user and application settings.  And you know your organisation has come to trust the reliability that this renowned Microsoft directory service provides.  The question remaining then is:  Are you taking care of your Active Directory like it takes care of you?

“Active Directory is a very stable, dependable directory service on the whole—IT administrators have come to place a lot of trust in this reliability,” says Paddy Baxter, Senior Technical Account Manager for Microsoft Premier Support Services in Dublin.  “However, one thing we sometimes forget is that although it’s a highly dependable service, if any significant failure arises with Active Directory, severe disruptions to business operations can ensue.”

Failures in Active Directory can lead to a number of critical issues.  Some examples include:

  • The inability of users to log onto their computer
  • Blocked access to server resources such as file shares and email (or any other application that relies on Active Directory)

Your Premier Support contract has hours built in for you maintain proactive control on the overall health of your organisation's IT environment.  If you find yourself wondering how to make valuable use of any hours you may have left over after planning for other projects, your Premier Support Team in Ireland strongly encourages you to register for an Active Directory Risk Assessment and Health Check Programme.  Designed for senior IT staff members and engineers in charge of supporting and managing a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) environment, this programme is delivered as a highly interactive engagement, complete with documentation, reports, and prescriptive guidance based on the reported findings. In other words, an AD Risk Assessment and Health Check Programme ensures that your directory service is up to scratch and reliable as you need it to be. In 2010, Premier Support delivered over 2500 of these assessments worldwide, proving that a lot of customers also believe it is a good thing to do. 

Avoid the headache of an AD failure by taking simple steps to ensure it continues to take care of your organisation’s IT environment. And as Paddy cautions, “It’s good to remember that although probability of an AD failure is low, the impact of such a failure is huge.  Better safe than sorry is the mantra—an AD Risk Assessment will keep you ahead of the game.”

For further information or to request registry for an AD RAP, please click here.  Your TAM will follow up and get you going.


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