How to do OU based Filtering in Office 365 ?

In this type of filtering we can filter an OU from being synced to the cloud.

Once you install Dirsync the miisclient.exe will be present in

From your DirSync Server navigate to <Drive>\Program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\Synchronization Service\UIShell


Miisclient is known as "Synchronization Service Manger on Dirsync"

  • Open MIISClient
  • Click on Management Agents
  • Double click on Active Directory Connector
  • Click on Configure Directory Partitions
  • Make sure the correct Domain is selected at top
  • Click on Containers as indicated below



  • In the prompt, enter domain credentials for your on-premises domain and then click OK
  • Select OU's that you do not want to Sync and uncheck the check box next to it
  • Click Advanced and modify if required and Click OK


  • Right click on Management Agents
  • Select Run
  • Select Full Import Full Sync as indicated below to do OU filtering





Once done check the results at the bottom left where it says Export Statistics to see the updates


Comments (12)
  1. Are you trying to sync passwords of users who have also filtered out ?
    Also try downloading and running the latest version of Dirsync

  2. Hello Donald
    Are they in a OU that you are filtering out ? If not clear create another OU filter it and add user to that

  3. @AnthonyFear as long as user is not getting filtered out they will continue to sync

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am introducing "How to" series for new Office 365, aka Wave 15. You will see few guest writers

  5. Anonymous says:

    There are 3 types of filtering that we can apply to Directory Synchronization Tool


  6. sat says:

    When i get to the point of entering Domain credentials i get " MSOL_e3ff9e0fdb13 " for the username value already populated. I’m wondering if i should clear it and put in the tenant credentials or on-premise credentials. Another journey into the unknown
    for DirSync config.

  7. sat says:

    Delete above, on-premise credentials as stated in the post 😉

  8. AnthonyFear says:

    Will this continue to sync passwords ?

  9. Wil says:

    After set OU filter MIISClient, DirSync do not sync passwords anymore. Someone an idea to fix this?

  10. Donald says:

    I setup filtering, ran full import/sync with no error, but users that were previously synced did not filter out. Thoughts?

  11. luke Dsilva says:

    Nice Post Praveen!!!
    @Donald messageops has a tool that helps filter + cleanup feature for previously synced users..below is the link

  12. ysakiyev says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing,

    I ran full import full sync after checking my OU, however I cannot see them in Azure.
    Sync was successful.

    Where do I check?

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