MOSS 2007 – Find the default view url for all lists in a web app using PowerShell

param( $url = $(Read-Host -Prompt "WebApp Url"))# Default View for lists in All Sites# Lookup Web Application as specified in the command line parameter$wa = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebApplication]::Lookup($url) # Create an array $sites =@()Write-Output("`nProcessing sites…`n") # Loop through all site collections in the web applicationforeach($site in $wa.Sites){ foreach ($s in $site) { $spWeb = $s.openweb() foreach($list in…

Work Management Service Application

The Work Management Service Application provides functionality to aggregate tasks to a central location on SharePoint Server: Users get the possibility to view and track their to-dos and tasks. Tasks can be cached to a users personal site. Tasks can sync to Outlook where users can edit them wherever they have access to Outlook. Tasks…


Service Pack 2 and the June Cumulative Update

A follow-up from last week’s post about the release of SP2 for Office and SharePoint 2010: The updates from the June Cumulative Update (KB 2855357) will not install on SP2. The August Cumulative Update will be the first to do so. However, the June Cumulative Update includes some changes that are not available in SP2….