PermissionMask check failed – Decoding the permission mask values seen in the ULS logs


As an administrator, you must have had users complaining about permission issues while trying to browse to a site or other actions within a site. When you look at the ULS logs you would normally be looking for an "access denied" error message. Additionally, you must have also observed entries similar to

[Timestamp]   w3wp.exe (0x101C)  0x1380   Windows SharePoint Services   General   8xfr   Verbose   PermissionMask check failed. asking for 0x04000000, have 0x08431061

[Timestamp]      w3wp.exe (0x101C)  0x1380          Windows SharePoint Services         General          8kh7   High    Access denied

If you have the hexadecimal value in the ULS log for the permission mask and wish to resolve the hexadecimal code to a more meaningful value thus helping you figure out which permission or permission set is the log talking about refer to the table available at Decode the permission mask

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  1. BK_R says:

    Thanks Praveen, this message syntax link  is really helpful

  2. joe s says:

    great – the link isnt active anymore

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