Post-October 2011 CU- Running the ‘Update-SPProfilePhotoStore’ PowerShell command fails with a ‘The pipeline has been stopped’ error

After you apply the October2010 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server 2010 (14.0.6112.5000), the profile picture import can run into some issues. Profile picture is not imported or updated after running a full synchronization. The ULS logs will show the following entry: SavePictureToLibrary: Error processing the photo URL picture_GUID.jpg for user 1: System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The…


My Links in SharePoint 2010

  In MOSS 2007, we’re used to seeing a link in a drop-down box at the top right of our SharePoint sites, called My Links. At first glance, it seems that this functionality has been removed from SharePoint 2010. It’s still there, sort of. There are MY LINKS in SharePoint 2010, but sort of HIDDEN….


Configuring Claims and Forms based Authentication for use with an ASP.NET Membership Provider in SharePoint 2010

  The steps included in this post are: Configure SQL for membership store Create a new Web Application with ‘Claims-based authentication’ Modify the Web.config files       a. Configure the web.config of the web application to use ASP.Net membership provider         b.  Configure Central Admin to use the ASP.Net membership provider         c.  Configure the Security…


Lists, Libraries, Templates, Web Parts and Site Actions in MOSS 2007

Default Lists & Libraries Available The following table shows all of the lists & libraries that the site owners can typically create on their site List/Library Description Availability   Libraries Site templates Document Library Create a document library when you have a collection of documents or other files that you want to share.  Document libraries…


Key Descriptions

Heya folks…..Thought that it would be a  good idea to have a list of the definitions (and descriptions) for some of the terms that we use day in and day out. Web Applications A Web application is an IIS Web site that is created and used by SharePoint Products and Technologies. Each Web application is…


MOSS-ActiveX controls

     List of MOSS 2007 ActiveX Controls   Diagram Launcher   Server Files       :   TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\BFORM.JS, TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\CORE.JS,                            TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\INIT.JS, TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\OWS.JS Client File          :   DGRMLNCH.DLL Function           :   Launch Microsoft Office Visio to open diagrams Non-IE behavior  :  The browser will offer to save the file locally instead of launching the application. The option to                            "Open…


PowerShell and PSConfig

    Just like the PSConfig command, we can also use PowerShell to configure the SharePoint farm from scratch. Though we can install SharePoint and create a new farm using PowerShell as well, I have not covered it under this this post. Below is a set of PSConfig commands and their equivalent cmdlet in PowerShell…


Description field of a workflow history list is truncated when the number of characters used goes beyond 255

In Windows SharePoint Services, the description field of a workflow history list is truncated when the number of characters used goes beyond 255.        This behavior is a by-design limitation. Windows SharePoint Services implements a restriction on the number of characters that can be used in a multiline text box. The reason is that the…


Event ID 8311, certificate validation errors in MSS 2010

Technorati Tags: Event ID 8311,certificate validation,local trust relationship,claims authentication,SharePoint 2010 Issue In Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, you see the following error getting logged in the Application Event Log:            Log Name       :  Application Source           :  Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Foundation Event ID         :  8311 Task Category :  Topology Level              :  Error Description     …