SharePoint 2010 database attach upgrade with managed paths

  Issue with performing a database attach upgrade from 2007 to 2010. Apparently, when you have additional wildcard managed paths (anything other than ‘/sites’) when you upgrade that database to SharePoint 2010 you will end up with a bunch of explicit managed paths in SharePoint 2010. Here’s how the whole thing looks 2007 Wildcard managed…

How to Improve SharePoint Performance and Scalability

SharePoint is a database driven product and makes frequent database trips for almost all of its work. Most of what is shown to the user is either a list or a document (also called a BLOB) and both come from the database. As a result, SharePoint performance is often not very good (slow response times)….


Send a basic and formatted e-mail message from a workflow

  Send a basic and formatted e-mail message from a workflow    In workflow designing, Send E-mail is the arguably the most popular and commonly used action. Now the out of the box formatting used by the designer is something most of us would like to modify so as to improve the look and feel…


SharePoint 2007 Limitations in numbers and figures

This is available on Technet (Plan for software boundaries)   Here is a summary of the recommendations for improving performance at each level of storage when high volumes of content are being stored:     The following table lists the recommended guidelines for people objects. The following table lists the recommended guidelines for logical architecture…


Configuring Large File Support in SharePoint

The default max single file upload size is 50 MB by default for a web application. The maximum that the product itself can handle or support is 2 GB which is essentially a SQL limit. It’s true that simply removing this, it doesn’t mean that a user can upload a 2GB file.  The server time…

Configure the SharePoint farm using psconfig

  More information on psconfig.exe: 1.   psconfig -cmd configdb -create -server "SERVER\INSTANCE" -database "nameOFtheConfigDB" -admincontentdatabase "nameOFtheadmincontentDB" -user DOMAIN\FARMACCOUNT -password PASSWORD 2.  psconfig -cmd helpcollections -installall // Secure resources in file system and registry entries psconfig -cmd secureresources // Install services on the server 3.  psconfig -cmd services -install **  Setup Services  **  // Configure…


SharePoint 2010 : Software boundaries and Limits

  The complete guide for capacity planning and Software boundaries is available at SharePoint Server 2010 capacity management: Software boundaries and limits


Usage Reporting in SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

  SharePoint (WSS or MOSS) have built-in usage reporting feature. Usage reporting is a service that enables site administrators, site collection administrators, and Shared Services Provider (SSP) administrators to monitor statistics about the use of their sites. Usage reporting also includes usage reporting for search queries that can be viewed by SSP administrators for search…



Binary Large Objects The main function of the BlobCache is to cache large objects from the database to the web front-ends and eliminate the need for database round trips thus improving performance. The objects are retrieved from the database once and stored in the local cache. Further requests are served from the cache and trimmed…

Manage large lists for performance (MOSS)

SharePoint Products and Technologies support large lists. However, you must carefully control how end-users view the lists to help prevent adverse effects on performance. For best performance, do not exceed 2,000 items in a list level (for example, the root of the list or a single folder). If you must create and browse large lists,…