Configure the SharePoint farm using psconfig

  More information on psconfig.exe: 1.   psconfig -cmd configdb -create -server "SERVER\INSTANCE" -database "nameOFtheConfigDB" -admincontentdatabase "nameOFtheadmincontentDB" -user DOMAIN\FARMACCOUNT -password PASSWORD 2.  psconfig -cmd helpcollections -installall // Secure resources in file system and registry entries psconfig -cmd secureresources // Install services on the server 3.  psconfig -cmd services -install **  Setup Services  **  // Configure…


SharePoint 2010 : Software boundaries and Limits

  The complete guide for capacity planning and Software boundaries is available at SharePoint Server 2010 capacity management: Software boundaries and limits


Usage Reporting in SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

  SharePoint (WSS or MOSS) have built-in usage reporting feature. Usage reporting is a service that enables site administrators, site collection administrators, and Shared Services Provider (SSP) administrators to monitor statistics about the use of their sites. Usage reporting also includes usage reporting for search queries that can be viewed by SSP administrators for search…