Configuring Web Scheduler in Skype for business 2015 Environment

What are different ways to schedule a Skype Meeting?

1. Skype for Business Client.

2. Outlook Client.

Well, there is another way we can create/Schedule a Skype Meetings, Skype for business Web Scheduler using any web browser.

Web Scheduler is not something that’s available by default in Skype for Business, however we can configure it to be available for Skype for business users.

One thing to keep in mind is that this Web Scheduler is mainly designed for those Customers, who would want to allow their users to be able to spin up a Skype for Business Meetings even when they don't have access to Outlook or Skype for Business Client.

Configuring Web Scheduler is pretty straight forward, this blog would guide you through the configuration procedure with reference Screenshots.

Configuring Web Scheduler Application on Skype for business Server.

  • Before configuring Web scheduler, we see below Simple URL configurations in Skype for business Infrastructure:

Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration | Select-Object -ExpandProperty SimpleUrl

  • Run below commands from Skype for business Management shell to create a new simple URL Entry for web scheduler:

$SimpleUrlEntry = New-CsSimpleUrlEntry -Url “”

$SimpleUrl = New-CsSimpleUrl -Component “WebScheduler” -Domain “*” -SimpleUrlEntry $SimpleUrlEntry -ActiveUrl “”

Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -Identity Global -SimpleUrl @{Add=$SimpleUrl} –Verbose


  • Now we would see another simpleurl configured below:

Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration | Select-Object -ExpandProperty SimpleUrl

  • Run Step 2 from Deployment Wizard on all the Front End Servers in the Skype for business Pool, which adds the components for Web Scheduler Feature.


  • After performing above actions, under the Scheduler Virtual Directory (both Internal & External Website) on Skype for business Front End Servers we would see Additional URL Rewrite rules added for Web Scheduler.


  • As per the URL Rewrite module settings, Front end Server will redirect user to Internal/External Web services along with Scheduler Virtual Directory (Https:// which provides the sign in page.





Pragathi Raj

Premier Field Engineer - Microsoft

Comments (9)
  1. soder says:

    Hi Raj:

    1) First of all: you have a factual mistake in your article:
    “After performing above actions, we would see new Virtual Directory created under Internal & External Website on Skype for business Front End Servers below: …”scheduler” can be seen on the picture –> That statement is plain incorrect! The “scheduler” virtual directory was already there, before you even started this whole exercise! Pls. check in a new system if you dont believe me, and correct your article!

    2) Second: you should clearly warn your audience, that this built-in webscheduler is just a very limited imitation of the full-featured Outlook Meeting add-in!

    – It does NOT send any invite email message out to any recipients, only generates the meeting room info in the SfB server. And thats all! You still need some kind of email client to distribute the invite to participants! Big limitation!
    – As it does not communicate with your Exchange calendar, meetings scheduled via this webscheduler will NOT show up in your calendar. The only place these -otherwise valid- meetings are visible if you manually go back to the webscheduler page, but nowhere else! Big and annyoing limitation!

    1. Pragathi Raj says:

      Hi Soder,

      Thank you for your feedback, really appreciate helping me correcting few details, you are right, Scheduler Virtual Directory gets created by default during initial installation, when we configure above settings, it just adds the URL Rewrite rules, I have updated the blog accordingly.

      Regarding the Query on limitation of Web Scheduler Client, web scheduler is designed for a different use all together (I have added that line too), so if it doesn’t work out for our need, then OWA Meeting Plugin would be the way to go, although one improvement I observed is that, it provides “Export as iCalendar” option upon scheduling, which can be included in any Email client and send it to required audience.


  2. even says:

    Not showing “conference ID”….. (bug?)

    But “conference ID” is showing normally via OWA and Outlook.

    1. Pragathi Raj says:

      Yes, Scheduler client doesn’t include the PSTN Conferencing Information of the Meeting, its a strip down version which includes only the Skype for Business Meeting URL. OWA Meeting Plugin would be the best option if we are looking for both Meeting URL & Dialin Conferencing Info.

  3. jennifer says:

    I know this is an older post but hopefully someone can answer. We currently use one simple url in our environment IE and Is it okay to continue along the same line and create the for the simple url for the external web services?

    1. Pragathi Raj says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I see that you are referring to Option 3 for Simple URLs in the article :

      Yes, you can use as Scheduler simple URL, similar to your other simple urls & etc.

      Below are the commands I used in my lab and it worked just fine:

      $SimpleUrlEntry = New-CsSimpleUrlEntry -Url “”
      $SimpleUrl = New-CsSimpleUrl -Component “WebScheduler” -Domain “*” -SimpleUrlEntry $SimpleUrlEntry -ActiveUrl “”
      Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -Identity Global -SimpleUrl @{Add=$SimpleUrl} –Verbose


  4. Bruno says:

    Do any certificates need to be updated as well?

    1. Pragathi Raj says:

      Yes, The Initial Scheduler URL that we plan to use (in above example its should be part of Certificate SAN entry (Front End Servers & Reverse Proxy)

  5. I think this a great help for customers.

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