Cloud security – a multi faced approach : Part 2

Dear Readers, We discussed about “Cloud security with IaaS deployments in Azure” in the earlier post, in this post, I’ll dig deep into security aspects one should be aware about when it comes to Data layer in the Cloud. I’ll emphasize again the shared responsibility of customers along with the Cloud provider, when it comes to security….


Cloud security – a multi faced approach : Part 1

Dear Readers, I’m here with a pertinent question that comes often in various conversations. Security in the Cloud is a fearful thing for many professional & rightly so, since its not in my-premise, I don’t have same control, hence the panic. Of course there is no magic wand in the cloud & you have to plan for…


Freaking awesome resources to navigate IT career in changing times !!

Dear Readers, I am so excited to share this news with my fellow IT Implementers aka future Cloud implementers !! In this transforming & confusing times, I often get question from experienced & relatively new professionals about "How do I plan my career in Cloud? Will me job be secure ?" etc. Your job is surely…


Building for Disaster with Azure site recovery – Part 1

In my last blog, we  got introduced to DRaaS / Azure site recovery & the vast range of scenarios that can be covered with Azure Site recovery. As a recap, what is Azure Site Recovery?  Well, Azure Site Recovery can help you protect important applications by coordinating the replication and recovery of private clouds across sites, whether you’re…


DRaaS – DR as a Service | All about it

Hello Readers, I'm here with a very interesting new topic to present my views on. While, Disaster Recovery isn't a new topic for professionals & I'm sure many of you might have been involved in building or managing DR setup. As times have changed & Cloud is inevitable, there are amazing things happening in the…