Microsoft India Techdays are here !!

The next up is in Chennai, so if you are nearby please join us. We can catch up for discussion.

You can register at -

If you are in other parts of India, check out upcoming events at -

See you at some event !!


Comments (3)

  1. Pracheta says:

    @Awinish – Thanks for the feedback

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm MVP for the DS & attended the Techdays session in Chennai. The topics were really interesting, but what actually marred the excitement was the audience who were pretty new to the windows 8 & were no even aware the features being available in windows 7.

    Overall your session was good & helpful to me but i would request bit more preparation is required to handle such audiences.

    Thank you


    DS – MVP

  3. Venkataraman S AGM IT BSNL says:

    Today[5th Dec 2012] I attended MS TechDays at Chennai. I was in IT professional track I enjoyed the whole session handled by Pracheta. It was highly informative and interactive for all section of professionals. The usefulness of the session was proved beyond doubt at the end of the session when more professionals came near the stage to answer the queries with much enthusiasm and more gave right answers to all questions. Thanks to Pracheta who handled the entire session lively and GM MS India for his dynamic Keynote. The lady MS evangelist who handled Dev session was very much power packed and quick in reflexes in answering and raising queries too. I got a work around solution for my query too. Totally the TechDays in Chennai was very lively, informative, interesting and of course interactive

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