Why System Center Service Manager ?

Why Service manager ?

In couple of months, I have been either asked this question several times, either verbally or with quizzing looks - Why should I go for Service Manager 2012  ?

First and foremost, it is the part of same System center family which offers complete Datacenter Management. I take the liberty of the datacenter experience that I have gained over years & can safely say that there was always a missing

link that can bring business needs closer to IT strategy, that can break the silos culture & help organization grow rather than manage islands in the system. My answer to the concern is "Service Manager"

A new Microsoft System Center product, System Center Service Manager is being designed to meet the needs of the modern IT help desk. By providing powerful new capabilities for incident, problem, asset, and
change management, System Center Service Manager will support organizations as they seek to improve the service they provide to their users.


In today’s enterprises, "Service Desk" solutions and the related CMDB (Configuration Management Database) technologies are becoming increasingly important components of overall Systems Management
infrastructures. They serve as the primary interface between the IT department and the end-user, facilitating communications and providing customers with information about IT infrastructure issues. In addition, they often act as a
central hub through which many IT assets and processes and activities are tracked, coordinated or augmented, playing a critical role in Change and Asset Management.

In a nutshell,System Center Service Manager links IT to the business by enabling IT organizations to respond to changing business needs while delivering reliable and cost-effective IT services.


Core Benefits


Extensible Platform

  • Delivers out-of-box workflows

  • Automates IT Operations around incident and
    problem resolution

  • Automates IT Change Control

  • Automates Asset Lifecycle Management

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