5 frequently asked question about VMM 2012 with Hyper-V Server Core


I have heard many question around how well would VMM 2012 works with Server Core. Tried to pick 5 at a go -- 


  1. Can I use Hyper-v Bare Metal Deployment feature to deploy Hyper-V Core servers?


      2. Can I create Cluster from VMM on top of Hyper-V core servers ? what are the best practices in this situation ?

               Yes, Hyper-V core supports failover clusters 

      3. Can I use SCOM to deploy agent and being able to monitor Hyper-V core server?

            Yes, you can deploy SCOM & SCCM agents to Hyper-V Server.  Works fine. 

      4. While deploying HA VMM 2012 there is a group needed to be created in AD to store security keys, this group will be created automatically or should I create  this group first?

          You have to create it. Let’s understand it in a little detail - As with SCVMM 2012 we use Distributed Key Management (DKM) to let users and processes running on different machines       

          securely share data. Once an HA VMM node fails over to another node, the VMM service on that failed over node starts accessing the VMM database and uses the encryption keys  

          conveniently stored under a container in AD to decrypt the data that is being held securely encrypted in the VMM database.

         You can create it using ADSI script.

         One easy way to create an ADSI script is to use “ADSI Scriptomatic” tool to create a script; you can get this tool from


      5. If I have only one Physical SAN Storage with two LUNs created in this SAN then I want to use Quick SAN migration from  LUN 1 to LUN 2, this migration will go through the fiber cables first  

           then server then LUN2  or it will use the SAN itself?   


           If supported, it will use the SAN itself. VMM supports snapshot and clone functionality in your SAN. This lets you duplicate a LUN through a “SAN copy-capable” template to provision new

           VMs almost instantaneously.

          Refer - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc764269.aspx

        If a properly configured SAN is available, VMM automatically uses the SAN to make transfers. However, if you use the Store Virtual Machine Wizard, Deploy Virtual Machine Wizard, or

       Migrate Virtual Machine Wizard to perform a transfer, you can override the SAN usage and make the transfer over the local area network (LAN).

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