Report Building with Excel Services

One of the most useful features of Excel Services is report building. Reports can include business intelligence data or any type of data you are working with in Excel Services. Generating and publishing Excel Services reports is one of the basic parts of a dashboard.

Excel Services reports function very much like Excel workbooks and can appear similarly when you view them, whether you view an Excel workbook on your computer or in a SharePoint document library. Excel Services reports can include a variety of standard Excel features and functionality, such as conditional formatting, formulas, and charts. When you publish an Excel workbook to Excel Services, your workbook becomes the data source for an Excel Services report type in the Dashboard Designer. Creating any type of Excel Services report is a two step process. You begin by using the wizard to create the basic report structure. Then you can select the data to display in the report.

There are several white papers available for creating various types of reports within Excel Services:

·         Building a Report Based on Cube Functions for Excel Web Access

·         Building an OLAP PivotTable Report with Excel Services

·         Building a Relational PivotTable Report with Excel Services

·         Building a Report with a Chart for Excel Web Access Based on Cube Functions


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