Watch this! PerformancePoint and Pervasive BI with Analytic Vision video

Microsoft recently included its PerformancePoint in the licensing with SharePoint Enterprise for customers with MOSS Enterprise with Software Assurance (SA).  Why is this huge?  For one, it makes high end business intelligence available to the entire enterprise space where SharePoint Enterprise is used.

Pricing is the another reason.  Previously the product cost roughly $200 per CAL (client access license). Even at that high price tag, far higher than the cost of SharePoint Enterprise, it was still considered cheaper than its competitors. With its inclusion in SharePoint Enterprise however we see the ability to provide pervasive BI become a reality easily achieved.

Check out this video from Microsoft partner, Analytic Vision, where they provide an overview and demonstration of PerformancePoint. If you are a SharePoint MOSS Enterprise SA customer you definitely need to watch this.



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