PerformancePoint Server changes and a new roadmap

Microsoft PerformancePoint Server (PPS) Monitoring and Analytics (M&A) will soon officially become part of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server as a PerformancePoint service. Microsoft has identified Office SharePoint Server' powerful user base and SQL Server's infrastructure as the best way to help you get the most out of PerformancePoint Server moving forward.

PerformancePoint Planning Server (with Planning Business Modeler and the Office Excel Add-in) will release service pack 3 in mid 2009 to include updates. According to THE BI Blog's Microsoft BI strategy update, "Thereafter, our customers and partners should not expect further investment in standalone versions of PerformancePoint Server."

My opinion:

Monitoring: This is good news. Guy Weismantel, Director of Marketing at Microsoft for Business Intelligence, points out that integrating M&A with Office SharePoint Server will allow quicker execution on Microsoft's strategy to deliver BI to a vastly larger group.

PPS Licensing


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