Configuring Kerberos Security with PerformancePoint Monitoring Server 2007


Hal here with a quick update.

We have received some feedback that configuring Kerberos security with PerformancePoint Monitoring Server can sometimes be difficult. My colleague and teammate Mike Plumley has created a 20- minute step-by-step video that explains in detail how to configure Kerberos security with Monitoring Server. I think you’ll agree after watching it that many- if not all- of your questions about Kerberos security with Monitoring Server have been answered.

Find this excellent video here: 

For additional information on configuring PerformancePoint Monitoring Server with Kerberos and other security protocols, have a look at our TechNet documentation here:

Deploying Monitoring Server Securely:

Kerberos Authentication and Delegation for Monitoring Server:

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to let me know what you think!

 – Hal

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