Management Reporter revisited

Management Reporter

The new, free add-on to PPS, Management Reporter, deserves more press. As Andrew Fryer said it, the reporting tool launched, "very quietly, in fact so quietly that you would only know about it by searching for it by name..."

Andrew provides some vision and purpose saying "one of the worst reporting headaches is producing output for the finance department.  The reports need to meet strict standards, be penny perfect, and the end user always wants the report to be in Excel." Here is a summary of what the tool can do.

Management Reporter is a report writer designed to help finance groups create and generate financial reports that can be distributed across the organization. In Gartner's review, the "application can function as an independent financial report writer working against a general ledger application where data integration is available. It...will be capable of developing financial and management reports based on a special-purpose financial reporting PPS model. Customers that use Microsoft FRx will have access to a migration utility that will support migrating report 'building blocks' to Management Reporter."

  • Integrates with Office Excel - from a centrally managed server.
  • Easy to customize - templates and forms provided as a help to customize.
  • Enterprise Statutory consolidation ready - can produce multi-currency conversions, reconciliation, inter company eliminations.
  • Cross-enterprise views - integrates from many different sources and systems.
  • Easy mass distribution - to decision makers that need dynamic and standard reports such as financial statements.
  • Support for regulatory compliance - GAAP, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. Centralized management.
  • Multiple ways to access - filtering and formatting is preserved. Users can manage and access from SSRS and MOSS 2007 Report Center -By the way, here is Russel Christopher's Blog post on SSRS integrated reports using PPS SQL Server Report viewer —getting these to play nicely

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