Profile Power: Tidy Up My Personal Certificate Store

I’ve decided to do a few posts on the contents of my PowerShell profile. A profile is a script that runs when your PowerShell console starts. There is a profile for the ISE and the standard console. You can find the script location by looking at the $profile variable of the current host.   What’s in…


Automagically Keep the Azure PowerShell Module Up-To-Date

I'm a tidy(ish) person. Tidy desk, tidy mind and all that jazz… as someone once said! I like to keep my PowerShell house in order. I want the latest help files and the latest versions of my modules. I've been able to use a cmdlet to keep my help files up-to-date since version 3 of PS….



Once upon a time I was a *nix administrator and I used to make use of Message Of The Day (MOTD) files to communicate with users at logon time. These messages would appear prior to the logon prompt blinking. All you'd have to do is place your message in /etc/motd and the *nix system would take care of the rest….