Use PowerShell to Show User Rights Assignments Set by Group Policy

Here’s one I came across whilst performing some Group Policy troubleshooting…   Get-CimInstance -Query “Select * from RSOP_UserPrivilegeRight where precedence=1” -Namespace root\rsop\computer | Select-Object UserRight,AccountList   13   It shows the UserRight set by Group Policy and who has it.  


Security Focus: Check Credential Guard Status with PowerShell

In Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows Server 2016, Credential Guard uses virtualization-based security to isolate secrets so that only privileged system software can access them. Unauthorized access to these secrets can lead to credential theft attacks, such as Pass-the-Hash or Pass-The-Ticket. Credential Guard prevents these attacks by protecting NTLM password hashes and Kerberos Ticket Granting…


PowerShell and _MSDCS Recovery

Oh, no! Someone's blatted the _MSDCS zone from DNS! The _MSDCS zone hosts the domain controller locator DNS resource records for all the domain controllers in an Active Directory forest – it's a key part of how clients find domain controller services. This unfortunate deletion has been replicated to all domain controllers. What to do?   Call your friendly, neighbourhood PowerShell!…


Use PowerShell to Check and Configure DFSR Content Freshness

Every morning I have a PoSh shower – I like to feel fresh – but did you know that DFSR servers like to be fresh, too? Now, I'm not advocating showering with your DFSR servers – that would be weird, plus water and hardware isn't a good combination… rather, know that each DFSR server has a setting that's defines a threshold after…