PowerShell in the Azure Portal… Oh, Happy Day!

I was delivering some Azure training recently. I went to the shell icon in the Azure portal (see here for more information) and I started to explain how disappointed I still am with the PowerShell functionality being marked as ‘coming soon’… then, to maximum excitement and amazement, PowerShell was blissfully available!     How many…


PowerShell in the Azure Portal… Almost!

  A little while back I noticed a new (but familiar) icon in the Azure portal (see below, not above)…   I was gutted to see the following for PowerShell… coming soon!   Good things come to those who wait, but if you can’t wait you can sign up to a Private Preview by following…


Set Password of Azure Active Directory B2B User to Not Expire with PowerShell

First up, non-expiring passwords aren’t recommended… but, what if you did want to set an AAD user to have a non-expiring password? Furthermore, what if you wanted to target a B2B user?   Here’s how I get a list of my B2B users, that have a display name starting with Ian, that also have their…


Automagically Keep the Azure PowerShell Module Up-To-Date

I'm a tidy(ish) person. Tidy desk, tidy mind and all that jazz… as someone once said! I like to keep my PowerShell house in order. I want the latest help files and the latest versions of my modules. I've been able to use a cmdlet to keep my help files up-to-date since version 3 of PS….


Create Azure Cloud Service Remote Desktop Connection Manager File (.rdg)

Last week I launched an RDP session to an Azure VM with the aid of a PowerShell cmdlet. For me, this is much easier than finding the required RDP link in one of the the Azure portals and I've been using the PowerShell method for a while. Now, in writing last week's post I thought to myself, "How could I make my…


NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA: Build an AD DS Forest in Azure

Hello… from the snow! (BTW – that's NOT me right at the very back!)   Cycling seems to be the best way to get around at the moment. This week, apart from riding my bike, what else have I done whilst 'snowed in'? Well, one task has been to update a script I wrote last year that…